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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scriptures Must Become Scientific

Yesterday I discussed the current misinterpretation of the message of Jesus Christ in Ch. 24 of Matthew of the Bible by Christian churches. However, this misinterpretation is only one example of the problem of teaching falsities by the three big Western World religions. This problem must be solved immediately because I conclude that this religious problem is the root cause of the lack of development of the human mind and thus all wars, terrorism, evils, and social conflicts in the modern world.

Before I retired from the US Department of Justice on the US crime problem, I came to the conclusion that the root cause of crime is the lack of development of the human mind and the flaws of the symbolic languages used by the mind. Before retiring, I received support from Houston University and convinced the Seattle Police Department and Seattle’s educators to use the Socratic method for thinking and talking in schools.

After retiring, I opened a study of the Bible. The research results are included in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. (click) At Mark 7:15-23, I discovered that Jesus Christ says that evils come from within and defile the man. Thus, Jesus Christ taught the root cause of crime almost 2000 years ago!!! So, Christ’s ancient teaching on the cause of evils is confirmed by my modern research on crime. But, Christianity is not teaching this important truth. Nor does Christianity teach the development of mind, which is the ‘within’ thing.

I also studied the Gospel of Thomas, which is not part of the Bible. In this gospel, Christ’s audience is intelligent and very different from his other audiences. To this audience, Christ reveals no miracles, no fulfillment of prophesies, no apocalyptic end of our world, and dies for no one’s sin. It is clear that Christ teaches differently depending on the audience.

Apparently, the interpretations and teachings of scripture by Christianity are problematic. This Christian problem can be corrected by applying the scientific proof to the New Testament. Other religions must also apply their scriptures to the scientific method of proof. It seems time to reform and modernize the field of religion.


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