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Friday, April 11, 2008

An Alternative to the Big Bang Theory and Higgs Particle

I do not expect the Big Bang theory and the Higgs particle to be proven because these theories have problems. For instance, the exploding thing cannot be infinite. So, the exploding thing can’t be the origin of all of the finite things we are finding in the universe. Thus, the Higgs particle also has problems. For instance, some bosons are said to stick together and produce things that have both mass and energy whereas other bosons do not stick together and have energy but no mass. Thus, an important question is, "Where is the origin of the energy of the exploding thing?"

I used Plato’s negative to search for the origin of all finite things found in the universe. Plato’s negative is found in the Sophist at 257b. His negative turns the mind to something different. So, when the mind is thinking about ‘all finite things’ and the mind seeks their origin, the mind must turn to a positive thing that cannot be finite. This different positive thing is thus ‘infinite.’ One can also think about other universals, such as ‘all different things.’ When the mind seeks their origin, the mind must turn to a positive thing that cannot be different. This different positive thing is thus ‘same.’ As seen, all universals have their origin in a monotheistic God who unifies an infinite number of universals with opposing concepts. These infinite number of opposites reveal God’s essence. Universals such as mass and energy are thought the same way.

The big question about God is, "How does a monotheistic God create things for the universe? God’s creation can be understood only with the concept of ‘contraction’ and the contraction of God’s essence. All things found in the universe are thus made by God’s act of contraction.

In my book, I say that the contraction occurs through one infinite set of indivisible spiritual atoms. Each individual atom is represented by a unique and lawful infinite set of finite essentials. I recommend the use of Gottfried Leibniz’s monads to help me define the spiritual atoms. In my model of the world, the following statements apply: God and his creation are connected logically; time is man-made; space is found only in finite things; God and the universe have no beginning or end; and a monotheistic God cannot be exhausted.


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