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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Theological Science* and Economics

In yesterday’s blog, I say that the true economy in any nation will be found in the symbolic world of the Spirit and will obey the Laws of Nature’s God. But, I also said that this true economy was already found by Lyndon LaRouche many years ago.

Since LaRouche’s true economy was never considered by the US government, the past and recent failures of the US economy were expected. The rejection of the true economy and today’s economic failures are caused primarily by economists and other people who do not believe in God. But, these economic failures are supported by today’s arbitrary national government, its Congress that creates arbitrary laws, and its Supreme Court that reject the original founding documents. When are the people of the USA going to wake up?

The world of humans contains only models of things. Such models are made with word statements or geometrical/mathematic statements. Today, the models of all economies are well known. For instance, the growing, or true, economy is modeled with a spiral that is winding upwardly from the vortex on the surface of a geometrical cone. Then, a falling economy is modeled with a spiral that is winding downwardly on the surface of a cone. It is headed to its death In the middle of these two very different economies is the stable economy. It is modeled with a spiral that is winding around a geometrical cylinder. Thus economy is neither growing nor failing but has the potential to grow or fall.

The US economists promote the stable economy. To achieve such an economy, economists try to stabilize the money supply and minimize its inflation. But this stabilization is not possible over long periods because the money supply can be increased or decreased in many uncontrolled ways. Unless the money supply is regulated, an economy can become highly unstable. Both the Democratic and Republican parties seek the stable economy but use different ways to stabilize it.

The true economy stabilizes only humans. To stabilize the life of all humans, the true economy changes money to become a means rather than end. With this simple change, the USA would become a goal-oriented nation. Goals stabilize the life of all US citizens and will make the USA a very beautiful nation.

Just like every goal-seeking human is very healthy, the USA will become more healthy with the true economy. Unfortunately, some US citizens gained enough power to steer the US economy away from God and the true economy. Yet God gave us an example of the true economy in a lower animal, the Spiral pomplius. See pic.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.


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