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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

God is the Absolute Maximum and the Absolute Minimum and Unifies Them

In Bk. I, at Ch.4 of his book 'On Learned Ignorance,' Nicholas of Cusa makes the greatest discovery on the subject of knowledge. He discovered that our knowledge can not reach a maximum. If maximum exists, it cannot become less otherwise it is no longer maximum. So the maximum is also minimum. Here we notice that the maximum is absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum.

Thus, a maximum that does not become less is known as an absolute maximum, which is also an absolute minimum. Then, any maximum that can become less is known as a relative maximum. And any minimum that can be more is known as a relative minimum. In summary, if there is a absolute maximum and absolute minimum, God must exist. And if there are relative maximum and relative minimums, God created a world that has an intelligent design.

Nicholas of Cusa did not hesitate to model God and His creation using a geometrical circle. God is the circle's center and circumference and all created are inside the circle. As you can see, no other things exist. The rejection of God is thus a false thought.


  • At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    “In Bk. I, at Ch.4 of his book 'On Learned Ignorance,' Nicholas of Cusa makes the greatest discovery on the subject of knowledge”

    The origin of that learned ignorance is innocence. Without our innocence there is no us, just oneness which is infinite and has always been oneness. We with our soul and conditioned human minds cannot fathom infinite so we make god in our image or deny god and make our personal minds and intellect god.

    The atheist god is their intellect; the religious god is made in their image, ie a human god with human traits.

    As mark twain stated: god made man in his image then man returned the favor.

    “In summary, if there is a absolute maximum and absolute minimum, God must exist.”

    This is very difficult to see George. I struggle with it. for me it means because god is oneness all else is relative. We live in a relative world not a absolute maximum or absolute minimum world.

    Also you state if there is a absolute…….. you may want to change if to because there is a absolute maximum etc. if suggests to me at least that there may not be an absolute max and min. because god is absolute there is no if just is.

    I am slowly getting what you are saying George. Maybe. For you it is simple but unless one spends much time with what you are saying it will go right over their heads.

    With my own discovery into the origin of our ignorance I have not been able to share with anyone. We cannot share a realization only knowledge about our realization.

    Somehow someway what you are stating and what I am saying maybe is the same thing is a different way. What I am saying is that our ignorance is not due to any sin or fallen nature of man but our innocence. The one becomes many though the creation and manifestation of innocence. Stated another way the origin of our ignorance is innocence.

    I think I see what you are saying is that this absolute minimum and absolute maximum proves the existence of a higher source of intelligence or creation. I suspect this is very simple to see once we see it. I have a phd and still it is difficult for me to see. But I will continue to work on it and study more of cusa’s work.

    I feel there is something there for me to learn. And I do know how to perservere and focus. Not an easy way to go through life but it was my way. Your comments are welcome to better clarify my thoughts on this subject.

    Also any links to cusa’s writings would be appreciated.

  • At 11:34 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Respond to Anonymous,

    First, you can read or copy out most of the writings of Nicholas of Cusa at the following website:

    Dr. Jasper Hopkins is the major translator.

    We cannot 'know' God. So, we are forced to use our best language if we want to 'understand' God. Since all national languages use many symbols, we must be sure that we use symbols that have precuse meaning. Too few people know that
    opposing symbols have precise meanings because they define each other. This is why dialectical thinking is very powerful in developing understandings about God..

    Maximum and minimum are opposing symbols. If maximum is also minimum, then we say that mavimum and minimum are 'absolutes' and do not change. On the other hand, if maximum can be less and a minimum can be more, they are different because the cann be 'more or less.' We call them 'relatives' and do change. They are also called variables.

    Since God is absolute maximum and absolute minimum, we say that God unifies all true opposites.

    Since we cannot know God but can understand God, we understand God by finding true opposing concepts that God unifies. So, I say that God unifies true opposites such as infinite and finite, equality and inequalities, indivisible and divisible, etc. The symblos infinite, equality, and indivisible are attributes of God whereas the symbols finite, inequalities, and divisible are attributes of creatures.

    I expect man to find many true opposing symbols. But I do not expect man to find all true opposing symbols because such opposing symbols are infinite in number.

    Thus, God is always the same and our world is always changing. God and His creation will never end. So, our lives never ends. This is why we must reform all nations on this planet. We must always make life good for all humans forever.

    As you see, man is just beginning to understand God.


  • At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Anonymous, thanks for being the straw man for George. He desparately needs someone to share his views. Next you two will agree that the Fort Hood murderer was not a jihadist and Obama's view of terror is "it doesn't exist".

  • At 11:32 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response to Anonymous,

    I certainly I need a stray man because I want to move forward on this very complex world of God and his universe.


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