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Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, VI

In closing yesterday's blog I said "With the failure of Kant to reconcile the rationalists and empiricists, the field of philosophy degenerated." The degeneration of the field of philosophy would exist until the 1920s when many Western world linguists discovered that sensual data are primarily symbolic. But information on this discovery was not distributed widely until Susanne K. Langer (1895-1985) published 'Philosophy In a New Key" in 1942.

In 1952, life scientists began to discuss symbols at the Thirteenth Symposium of the Conference of Science, Philosophy, and Religion at Columbia University. In 1969, Herbert Blumer coined the term "symbolic interactionism" and led to the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI). (click) Unfortunately, the SSSI has not gained recognition.

Why is the philosophy of symbolism not developing and why is SSSI a failure? It has been ninty years since the discovery of symbols was made and nothing has been achieved. The answer to these two questions is very clear to any person who knows that the field of philosophy is being filled with philosophers who reject the U.S. founding documents, reject the existence of God, and support materialism and atheism.

Thus, unless the field of philosophy in colleges, universities, and workplaces is turned toward God immediately, the development of a new form of slavery and the development of a civil war can be expected.


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