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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Problem Reveals a Political Question: Is Democracy Opposed to Socialism?

Many politicians say that democracy is logically opposed to socialism. For instance, Republicans , the Tea parties, the ACLU, and the Cato Institute say that this logic is true because communism is the only form of socialism and is thus the only opposition to democracy. So the Republicans, the Tea parties, the ACLU, and the Cato Institute turned their eyes away from socialism and focused on the virtues of the Romans and the political/scientific work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

I reject the logical relationships between democracy and socialism because all democracies experience pasts, presents, and futures and experience degeneration and progress or become smaller or larger. I even say that a democracy might eventually move its members to one or more other planets. So extending a democracy is a real and important political event. However, the extension of a democracy will not occur if it is based on monetary wealth. Extending a democracy will occur only if it is based on the growth of knowledge about God's Intelligent Design of the universe.

The founders of the USA were aware of the extension of democracies. So they knew that the USA would grow in number of people and in the kinds of their living necessities. For this reason, the colonists studied the new political theories of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In time, the colonists decided to apply the social contract theory of Locke. Based on this decision, the founders developed two founding documents --- the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In the first two paragraphs, the Declaration of Independence identifies Locke's SOCIETY. In the remaining paragraphs, this first document authorizes the SOCIETY to go to war against England, if England begins a war. In the second founding document, the Constitution identifies the SOCIETY'S GOVERNMENT.

In a letter to me dated March 26, 2008, Senator Rockefeller told me that the Declaration of Independence was removed as a 'founding document'' by U.S. lawyers. This means that Locke's SOCIETY was removed from the body of U.S. laws. This removal also removed immediately the social contract of Locke from the USA. This removal of all social contracts by lawyers raises questions. For instance, how can U.S. lawyers eliminate all social contracts made among all Americans?

In the Gulf of Mexico, contracts have excised between Golf of Mexico workers and many Americans for years. These permanent contracts have been interfered by BP's oil problem and by those lawyers who destroyed Locke's social contract in the Declaration of Independence.

BP's oil problem should be able to save the U.S. workers in the Gulf of Mexico because BP has monetary wealth. However, the destruction of Locke's social contracts by U.S. lawyers cannot be saved until the Declaration of Independence has been returned to the body of U.S. laws and these criminal lawyers have been jailed.


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