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Thursday, May 27, 2010

More on the BP Oil Problem in the Gulf of Mexico

After the assassination of Abe Lincoln, U.S. scientists, businesses, industries, colleges & universities, and governments concluded that their decisions could be made without considering God. Today (May 27, 2010), I conclude that the decision of BP to drill for deep oil without considering God was a major error. I conclude that this error will lower considerably the security of many USA citizens in the region of the Gulf of Mexico and the food chain of all Americans.

The human decision to not consider God is influenced by today's physical scientists, who reject God and say that a whole is equal to the sum of its parts. So, BP concluded that it could drill freely through rocks..If BP had considered God, it would have concluded that all things in the universe do not exist in containers, just as we can contain water in a glass. Now, open a hole in the rocks. With a hole, the oil is free to move out of the bed as the law of gravity says. The oil will move naturally based on gravity and did move into the water of the Gulf of Mexico. This oil can move into the water of the Gulf quickly because the oil pressure becomes maximum at about 2000 pounds per square inch.

It seems that BP made this hole large enough to produce large incomes for its investors. But this hole was too large if one considers God. If one considers God, one learns that the whole (of oil) behind the rocks has an infinite number parts. Galileo tells us that all God-made wholes have an indivisible number of parts. So drilling many small holes might be preferred if high pressure oil can destroy the big hole structure. Making 'fast bucks' is undesirable when the life of people will be disturbed.

It is time for all scientists, businesses, industries, colleges & universities, and governments to consider God in their decisions.


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