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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How the Oil Problem in the the Gulf of Mexico Must Be Solved

The BP oil problem in the Gulf of Mexico can be solved only if all physical scientists and all politicians open their minds. To open their closed minds, physical scientists must accept the scientific reality of an active God. I prove the existence of an active God in my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God." And I provide information about the acts of this kind of God in this website. In order to open their minds, all politicians must accept the existence of a scientific God. In the USA, all politicians must also reject the conservative and liberal ideologies because these false ideologies are impeding man's development of scientific knowledge about an active God's intelligent design of his creation.

In the Gulf of Mexico, BP scientists are not expressing all truths about ‘drilling for oil.’ They cannot express all of these proofs because they understand man-made things as all scientists do. But like other scientists, BP scientists do not understand God-made things. So, I will teach scientists about the differences between God, God-made things, and man-made things.

God is a whole who has no parts. So, God can be called a pure whole. However, all God-made and man-made things are 'wholes that have parts.' God-made wholes have an uncountable or infinite number of parts. Each of its parts are indivisible. But man-made wholes can be counted. So scientists say that a man-made whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Galileo taught God-made wholes.

If BP's cameras are looking at God-made oily wholes, their cameras are useless because these oily wholes cannot be counted or distinguished from each other. I understand that the oily wholes are crystals, which exist at a very low temperature. If so, the God-made oily whole has been contracted by God’s intelligent design (ID) to form crystals. This contraction process is unknown because many scientists have rejected God today.

Can golf balls, bricks. etc. be added among the crystals? I doubt that the structure of the crystals can be penetrated at its low temperature without increasing the crystal temperature and changing the crystal geometry. Unless scientists can control this temperature and geometry, I believe that the oily things must be sucked out of the Gulf water until the oil is gone. This sucking effort should be started immediately

Obviously, all deep drilling must be halted until man knows how to drill deep safely.


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