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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Natural Rights, XI

Leo Strauss' book on 'Natural Right and History 'deals with the following subjects:

I. Natural rights and Historical Approach.
II.Natural Right and Distinction between Facts and Values.
III. The Origin of the Idea of Natural Right.
IV. Classic Natural Right.
V. Modern Natural Right.
A. Hobbes
B. Locke
VI. The Crisis of Modern Natural Right
A. Rousseau
B. Burke

Further, I also refer to work associated with Charles R. Walgreen Lectures.(Search on Google). Once connected to the Lectures, I refer to the work of Yves R. Simon on the 'Philosophy of Democratic Government.' (click)

Now, focus on Simon's subject, 'Authority As Cause of Action.' This subject deals, for instance, with the founding documents of the United Stares of America. Of importance in this subject is the fourth paragraph:

Look at the bolded three statements. They say, "Now unity of action depends upon unity of judgment, and unity of judgment can be procured either by way of unanimity or by way of authority; no third possibility is conceivable. Either we all think that we should act in a certain way, or it is understood among us that, no matter how diverse our preferences, we shall all assent to one judgment and follow the line of action that it prescribes. Whether this judgment is uttered by a leading person or by the majority or by a majority within a leading minority makes, at this point, little difference. But to submit myself to a judgment which does not, or at least may not, express my own view of what should be done is to obey authority. Thus authority is needed to assure unity of action if, and only if, unanimity is uncertain. The question is whether unanimity can be established in better than casual fashion among the perfectly clever and well-intentioned members of a society which is, by hypothesis, free from deficiencies."

In the USA, the idea called the 'unity of action' applies to judgments found, for instance, to the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Thus, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Declaration of Independence contained only one authority, which only authorized a war against England, the Court eliminated all other judgements, including the Union and human rights. These eliminated judgements are the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence. The nature of the 'unity of action' is very clear because there is no room for people who do not become educated or who spend their time building voting groups who have no knowledge of the voting content. The Democratic (or liberal) and the Republican and Tea Party (or conservative) parties are examples of these poorly educated voting groups.

Further, I found that an active and infinite God is connected logically to all finite things in the the universe forever. One connection is the indivisibility of God to all indivisible/divisible things in the universe. Interestingly, the indivisible God and all indivisible things unify independence and dependence. So any nation that contain a unity of action will also be well-organized by well-organized parts. Since the USA is not organized with well organized parts, I expect that the USA educational system and the USA will fall apart in the 2nd century.


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