Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Current Two Views of Science vs. the Gulf of Mexico Oil Problem

Today, the development of modern science divides Western world scientists into two camps. One camp of scientists either reject God or accept an inactive God. This camp consists of atheists, materialists and deists, who use only Euclidean geometries and expect maximum entropy to bring the universe to an end. The other camp of scientists accept an active God and are thus theists. They use only non-Euclidean geometries and do not expect the universe to come to an end.

The oldest of these camps came into existence when Nicholas of Cusa found that two of God's attributes are 'maximum' and 'minimum.' Kepler used Cusa's model of God work to identify 'free-force planetary paths.' Galileo used Cusa's model of God to prove that all bodies in the universe have an infinite number of indivisible parts. In the early 1700s, Leibniz found the active atom, the mind/body harmony, and the new meaning of space and time. In the 1900s, Riemann found non-Euclidean geometries. Recently, I found that all things in the universe are finite and that all finite things originate in an infinite God. I found other attributes of God. With these attributes, I found that the attributes of God connect God logically to every finite thing in the universe. I also found that all finite things and God are not contained in any way. Independence is thus found everywhere.

The newest camp came into existence when Kepler's planetary geometry was challenged by Isaac Newton's mechanical (billiard ball) universe. But the universe has never been proven to be a Euclidean geometry. In the 20th century, a Big Bang universe was proposed. However, this universe cannot be proven. Nor has physical matter been identified. Nor have particle physicists found any physical atoms. The atom smashers have only found structured particles.

The oldest camp is making progress even though it has a small number of members. However, the newest camp, which has many members, is not progressing. It seems time to reform Western science.


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