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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Obama's Correct View of the Oil Problem in the Gulf of Mexico

In a recent talk with Larry King, President Obama expressed his conclusion about the oil problem in the Gulf of Mexico. In general, President Obama concludes that industry does not do its homework before starting a job. So, President Obama thought that BP did not do enough research before drilling for deep oil. I say that President Obama's conclusion about deep oil drilling 'is hitting the nail right on the head.' Let me expand my saying.

After drilling, BP found that deep oil is stored in a planet as 'things' and not as a liquid. As things, the oil is stored as structured crystals. (click) Apparently, this crystal structure was unknown and a surprise to BP and other U.S. scientists.

This structure was a surprise to today's scientists because they tend to reject God and do not believe that the universe was created by an Intelligent Design (ID) of God. Instead, most scientists believe that the universe is (1) a machine, (2) had a beginning, and (3) has an end. But if God exists and is active, the creation had no beginning and will have no end because an active creates a world in which 'All is One' and 'One is All.' In my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I prove scientifically that God is active. So, God's created universe is very complex and can be understood only with metaphysical thinking.

Since British thinking is focused on the human senses and empirical data, BP scientists would not detect the deep oil as a crystal structure. Further, empiricists would not realize that synthetic mud, cement, golf balls, auto tires, etc. will not be able to break into the crystal structure of oil that God made.

So, I agree with President Obama. BP did not do the homework necessary to conduct deep drilling project. It is time for science to turn away from atheism and materialism. It is thus time to replace Newton''s thoughts with Leibniz's thoughts.


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