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Monday, February 14, 2011

Not All Humans Will Enter the Kingom of Heaven

My study of the writings of Matthew about Jesus Christ in the New Testament has concluded that all humans will not enter the kingdom of heaven because entering the kingdom of heaven depends not on scientific laws but depend on moral laws. Thus, the Laws of Nature and Nature's God in the Declaration of Independence are very important.

In Matthew's writings about Jesus Christ, one learns that Jesus is able to capture the interest of many people but never captures all of them. So, in teachings, Jesus talks about the 'first' group, who become followers. But Jesus also talks about the 'last' group, who do not become followers. Throughout his teachings, Jesus uses different forms of 'opposing concepts' such as 'first' and 'last,' ' loose' and 'bound,' etc. Our scientists will find such opposing concepts throughout the universe.

These opposing concepts are found everywhere in the universe because God is one and enfolds all opposites. To create all things out of nothing. God merely unfolds all enfolded opposites. This truth was found by a follower of Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa of the 15th century. In the universe, excluded middle opposites and included middle opposites will be found. Excluded middle opposites form logical relations whereas included middle opposites form variable relations.

So, some people will never enter the kingdom of heaven because they become the last to learn the moral truths.


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