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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Advanced Teachings of Jesus Christ

Yesterday, I completed my research on the New Testament words of Matthew (Chs.1-28). This research is found in my knol website as Part B. (click) My research report summarizes the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospel According to Matthew. Using bold letters, I add my thoughts on these teachings.

To say that Jesus saved people from sins by accepting crucifixion misses the teaching of Jesus. His teaching should have been lawful in a Jewish nation that freed itself and built a large scripture of Jewish thought. What angered the Jewish priests of Jesus' teaching was the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, that is, Judas' false statement that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus never said that he is the Son of God. When asked about the Son of God, Jesus always talks about created things In Matthew 26, for example, Jesus' response to a high priest in verse 63 is found as created things in verse 64.

Jesus was fifteen centuries ahead of his time. His new ways of thinking was not found until symbols were discovered in the 15th century. He knew that God is, and will always be, incomprehensible. In his new teachings, he developed new ideas such as opposing concepts and variables and knew the limit of logic. So, Jesus was a very advanced thinker. Jews didn't like these new teachings because they expected God to come to our world. The coming of God will never happen. Nor will God's creation come to an end. Jesus' new teachings only confused Christianity and divided Christianity from Islam and the Eastern Christians. On the other hand, China seems to know about the incomprehensible God. Its yin-yang thinking fits with the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Unless scientists and non-scientists turn to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the economics of every nation today will fall apart due to debt sizes that force wars among people. Talents, not money, are in the future of a human peaceful life.


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