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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Human Forces Can Steer You Away From Entering the Kindom of Heaven

In the 1970s, when I became a researcher on the national problem of crime at the U. S. Department of Justice, I wondered whether all crime can be eliminated. Eventually, I concluded that science cannot eliminate crime completely because humans are free and are not mechanical devices. Thus, I concluded that crime and other bad human behaviors will exist forever. All of these bad behaviors will thus have many different causes. With my conclusion about crime, I limited physical science to nonliving things. And, my new view of social science is that it is a science of our future and progress

After I retired, my research shifted to God and the universe. This research told me that free humans are permanent forces because they live after death. Since humans live continuously, I conclude that very bad human behaviors can steer people away from the kingdom of heaven whereas very good human behaviors can steer people to the kingdom of heaven. The very bad behaviors form the 'last ones' whereas the very good behaviors form the 'first ones.' So being perfect is not necessary to enter the kingdom of heaven. Only God is perfect.

In more recent years, bad human behaviors have become known as 'acceptable levels of bad human behavior.' In the field of crime, for instance, police planners use the phrase 'acceptable level of crime.' Or, a specific acceptable burglary rate in NYC might guide the level of NYC police work on the crime of burglary.

More recently, the U.S. government has increased the acceptable bad behaviors of the three branches. One bad behavior of the U.S. government is accepting atheism. Another bad behavior is the negation of God, even though God's existence has been proven scientifically. These bad governmental behaviors are influential and are turning more and more people into bad behaviors and them away from the kingdom of heaven.

The U.S. founding documents clearly state that God exists. To build a nation of increasing bad human behaviors is irrational. Spirits who want to enter the kingdom of heaven, this blogspot website and my knol website (click) will be very helpful.


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