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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is President Obama a Christian or Muslim?

In my new studies of the New Testament, in the writings of Matthew at Chapter 23 (click), I found that Jesus Christ is teaching an active God, which is known today as panentheism. The active God is expressed in the New Testament by Jesus and has been proven scientifically by me in "The First Scientific Proof of God." The opposing faith of the active God is the inactive God, which is known as deism.

In verse 2 , Matthew tells us that Jesus Christ says that the Pharisees and scribes sit in Moses' seat. Jesus says that they and Moses are hypocrites in many ways. He called them hypocrites because they are promoting the inactive God and deism. Based on the teaching of Jesus, the New Testament and the Old Testament are very different. One will see this differnce in the Declaration of Independence. For instance, Moses' God and Jesus' God are expressed with different 'Laws of Nature.' Thus, even though Christians and Jews have similar moral laws, the God of Christianity and the God of Judaism are as different as night and day.

Muhammad was a follower of Jesus Christ, not Moses. Muhammad became a follower also of Nesturius, a Christian who says that Jesus was created. Because Christians thought that Jesus was divine and was thus the Son of God, the followers of Muhammad formed Islam. Thus ,there is no difference today between the God of Christianity and the God of Islam. The only difference between the Christian God and the Islam God will be found in the Intelligent Design of the universe. My research says that Jesus was created. To me, the God of Christianity and Islam have the same active God. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have different moral laws because they do not know the true moral laws of an active God.

If President Obama says that he is a Christian, he must be thinking, praying, or asking questions about Jesus, as either being a Son of man or being a Son of God. Until someone offers a proof of this logical statement, the opening question is private.


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