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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

22. Politicians Do Not Understand God

If one reads the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, some relations between God and us will be found. However, when a political period comes into existence, the relations between God and us are no longer obeyed and most U.S. citizens votes are based only on TV or Internet statements.

Ever since the depression of the 1930s, politics has been a fight over the U.S. economy. The Democrats always fight for the trickle-up economy.  It originates in the middle class of educated people. This economy was developed by John Keynes (1852-1949).(click)  On the other hand, the Republicans always fight for the trickle-down economy.  It originates from the upper rich class of people.

Currently, the Democrats and Republicans are also debating over the 17 trillion national debt Some people say that President Roosevelt's trickle-up economy beat the 1930 depression of President Hoover but led to a war with Japan,  Hitler, and a cold war with the Soviet Union.  However, a trickle-up economy of President Clinton added no debt to the USA. But the trickle-down economies of President Reagan, President George Bush, and President George W. Bush created a 13 trillion national debt.  The trickle-up economy of President Obama could add 4 trillion to the national debt.

If nations begin to understand how important and active God is, I say that the trickle-up and the trickle-down economies will be rejected.  We can make debt less economies.


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