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Saturday, December 29, 2012

111. Jews, Chrisians, an Muslims Must Come Together

Last evening, Christiane Amanpour of ABC-TV presented more information about the Jews and  the Old Testament. (click). The Jews told Christiane that God appeared in a burning bush  where He gave ten laws to Moses; that God spoke to Jews;' that God made miracles such as moving water away; and that God promised land to the Jews.  Jews also told Christiane that the end of the world and the Armageddon (click) are coming. The Jews expect to be saved by a Lord.

My new book, 'A new and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God' rejects the information that Christiane received.  If Jesus was here, he would also reject this Jewish information.  It is thus clear that Jesus was murdered on the Cross because most Jews were afraid of the future and were trying to save the Temple and its teachings.

My new book says that an end will never come because a beginning never existed.  So, I suggest that the Jews, Christians, and Muslims study my book and my blogs. I suggest that these religions also study the book 'On Learned Ignorance' (De Dacta Ignorantia) by Nicholas of Cusa.(click) I discuss the work of Cusa in my book.

Christiane's information from the Jews is wrong because the Jews, Christians, and Muslim's allow themselves to fall backward and into idolatry (pantheism )after Abraham destroyed idolatry and developed monotheism. For example, Moses fell backward and into idolatry when he said that God was a 'burning bush,' who gave him the Ten Commandments. In Bk.I, Ch. 25 of Cusa's book, Cusa shows how pagans name God in various ways in relation to created things. The Ten Commandments was made by Moses, not God. Only Little Gods or images of God can make Ten Commandments.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims must come together.


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