Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, December 30, 2012

112.Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Must Change.

In my work, I prove scientifically that God is one and infinite. Based on this proof, I say that God and man cannot communicate, as a man can communicate with another man. So, I conclude that Moses was not given the Ten Commandments from God through a burning bush on a mountain.

So, I say that the writings and interpretations of the Old Testament will not lead the Jews to the truths about God.  Instead, the writings and interpretations of the Old Testament have led the Jews away from God and away from Abraham's monotheism and has led the Jews into pantheism and idolatry.  So, for 3,600 years, the Jews have been worshipping the false God of idolatry.

However, a small number of Jews did not fall into the God of idolatry. This small group followed Jesus because a new God had been found in Greece by Anaxagoras in 500 BC. This new God was confirmed scientifically by Plato in his dialogue, Parmenides.  Thus, Anaxagoras' finding negates all books of the Old Testament.  But most Jews have not changed.

With a small group of Jews, Anaxagoras finding was saved. This small group became followers of Jesus when Jesus came home from Greece to teach the new God of Anaxagoras. So, I believe that this small Jewish group followed Jesus and developed Gnosticism. Unfortunately, I say that the work of this small group of Jews eventually led to the murder of Jesus on the Cross.

To save the teachings of Jesus, the New Testament was made by Gnostics and disciples soon after Jesus was murdered. Unfortunately, the New Testament and Old Testament were unified in the Bible. But these two testaments should have never been unified because they express two very different Gods. To glue the New and Old testaments together in the Bible,  Bishop Irenaeus destroyed Gnosticism saying that it is blasphemy. So, in the second century, the Gnostic teachings of Jesus were destroyed.  This destruction explains why Christianity teaches morals but does not teach the sciences of Jesus.


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