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Friday, September 20, 2013

282 Pope Francis and the Wounds of the Little Gods

At the Vatican, Pope Francis made a shift in small-minded rules, such as abortion, gays, and contraception. Thus, when preaching about hot-button issues, Pope Francis asks pastors to deal with 'wounded souls.'

Essentially, I conclude that the catholic church will change its focus on all individuals in all nations. I call these individuals 'all Little Gods.' I say that all Little Gods are reborn continuously by the panentheistic God of Jesus. Since the souls of all Little Gods cannot always connect their souls in perfect ways in God's imperfect universe, some Little Gods can always be wounded. The Little Gods develop wounds easily after rebirths because nations are unequal.

So,  Pope Francis can be expected to clean the wounds of individuals in many different ways. His focus might deal with the 'reasoned virtues' that I discussed yesterday.


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