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Monday, September 23, 2013

284.Eliminating Rebirth Competitions

Yesterday, I said that we are saviors of ourselves. For example, President Lincoln saved the people, who became slaves in some Southern States. But after the civil war began, other people had to be saved because they also suffered greatly.

So, I say that God made us with the ability to save  people. I say that this ability has already saved many people from unwanted concepts that have been developed through out the history of man. In this blog, I will show that we must save all people from the concept of 'competition.' This concept was installed in the USA after the U.S civil war and led to an ungodly economy that creates new slaves and new riches.

In general, the concept of competition will be found among the plants and animals. However, the theory of evolution has brought the concept of competition also into the life of humans. For example, humans develop competitions in order to win successes. Humans also compete for food, mates, wealth, fame, prestige, and power. In politics, competition is united with money and led to capitalism. However, capitalism supports materialism, which impedes the development of cooperation and socialism. Competition is thus used by political parties to produce competitive goals. As time passed, competition expanded he world market after it was established.

However, I say that evolutionary theory is not true because a panentheistic God exist and created a universe that has no end.  Thus, I say that competition is wrong because evolution is false.

The panentheistic God and His created universe has an infinite number of indivisibles things. God relates these indivisibles to each other so they form an unbelievable number of divisible bodies for the universe. This very different system was defined first by Anaxagoras in 500.B.C. Later, Plato confirmed it in his Parmenides Plato. Finally, it was taught for the first time to Jews.

But this different system was lost for seventeen centuries after Pope Irenaeus destroyed Gnosticism.  But in the 17th century this different system began to develop. For example, Leibniz found the indivisibles (click). And the divisibles were found by Leibniz and Galileo (click).

Since a panentheistic God and His endless universe are very new and different, we must identify concepts that must be eliminated immediately. So, I say that competition must be eliminated so that all nations can develop all people equally. If competition is not eliminated, the rebirths of people and the development of their souls will become unnatural or random. Random rebirths must be prevented. Since a panentheistic God gives harmonies to all soul-body relations when they are reborn, all unequal rebirths must be eliminated. All nations and all religions must also act immediately to develop socialism.

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