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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

286. Materialism and Socialism Is One.

In my local newspaper this week, I read that the University of Virginia has a training game called BizHero. In this game a 'hero' will emerge as a rich CEO of a company by competing against the CEOs of other companies. This competition is  based on modules --- operations, community, human resources, market and finances. But this teaching is not why the American colonists separated  themselves from England in 1776.

When the American colonists sent Ben Franklin to Germany in 1766, Ben learned Gottfried Leibniz's writings on monads and the immorality of the human soul. (click)  Immorality means that every human will be reborn by God forever on any habitable planet. But planets do not have souls because they die when their sun darkens. Read Jesus' teaching at Chapter 24 of Matthew.

So, materialism is only an infrastructure for all immortal souls.  This is why all nation must become equal.  Thus, materialism (or infrastructure) and socialism (or souls) are one. Accordingly, the minds of U.S. Democrats and Republicans are highly confused.


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