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Thursday, November 27, 2014

701 More Statements About the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, which is also known as the Roman Catholic Church, has 1.2 billion members worldwide. This church says that Jesus Christ is the founder. However, one can challenge this founding because the teachings of Jesus are similar to the thoughts of Anaxagoras 500 years earlier.

Since Jesus' teachings did not begin until he was 30 years old, one can conclude that Jesus spent some time in Greece after he was 12 years old. So, he could have lived in Greece for 18 years. When Jesus was in Greece, he started to learn a new theory about God. When Jesus learned the new God, he lured Greek friends (John, Paul, etc.) to teach the new God of Anaxagoras to the Jews.

I say that only human teachers and students exist. Plato says that a student becomes a teacher by asking questions. I say that Jesus became a teacher in Greece. When Jesus taught something at Matt. 5:19, Matthew said that many different kingdoms of heaven exist. And, when Jesus taught at John 14:20, John said that relations exist between an infinite God and all finite beings. And, when Jesus taught at John 14:12, John says that we will do what Jesus has done. John also says that we will do greater works because Jesus will go onto the Father. At the death of Jesus, onto means that Jesus went into his location. This location is a place where an immortal soul exists and is disconnected from his other body parts. These other body part also return to their original locations.

The Catholic Church says that a Holy Spirit eliminates errors from the Catholic Church. In the Nicene Creed, the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, which is a Trinitarian God. But, I say that the Holy Spirit and the Trinitarian God does not exist. And I say that Jesus is not God. So, the teachings of the Catholic Church must be challenged, changed, or destroyed. Since only one God exists, the Gospel Music is incorrect

At this time, the USA is not moving forward because its God and universe are unknown.

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