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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

890. More On 'Benjamin Franklin Was The First President of the USA'

Some more research on the development of the USA. On January 14, 1784, England and the USA signed the U.S. Treaty of Paris. Then, Benjamin Franklin returned to Philadelphia where he governed the USA until October 14, 1788 as a public service. So, the democracy of the USA has a public and private sector. The Declaration of Independence (DOI) represents the private sector and the Constitution represents the public sector.

Since Ben was becoming ill in 1788, George Washington was made the second president, from 1789 to1797. George's thoughts were consistent with the new sciences and the new universe that Ben brought to America from Germany and France. (click)

After George did his job, John Adams become the next president, from 1797 to 1801. Then, Thomas Jefferson became president, from 1801 to 1809. Adams and Jefferson held many discussions on the Constitution subject of a more perfect Union. (click)  Then, James Madison became president, from 1809 to 1817. On June 18, 1812, the War of 1812 was started by England because England wanted to restrict the trading by the USA. (click) Since trading develops competition among all nations, the new sciences and the new universe, which Ben brought to the USA from Europe, became enemies to those nations that compete trades. Here, is a major problem to nations that make democracies and form a more perfect Union with the new sciences and the new universe that Ben found.

On the subject of a more perfect Union in the USA, Alexander Hamilton became a great person who would develop the more perfect Union. He accepted this public effort as the Secretary of Treasury under President Washington. In Ohio, Alexander and a group of different masons would take control of the Union until Alexander lost a debate and duel with Aaron Burr. However, John Q. Adams and Henry Clay would continue Alexander's effort by starting the Whip Party.(click)  Clay would build the U.S. Union by proposing the American System in 1832. (click), (click) However, in 1859, Darwin's book on evolution came to the USA. Some Americans would accept evolution and they began to reject the new sciences and new universe that Ben found in Europe.

Abe Lincoln rejected evolution because animals, such as beavers, make the same home and that humans are different than animals. Thus, Abe became the last president who would develop the more perfect Union. Abe developed the South and West. When Abe went to the Civil War to eliminate slavery, Abe was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865. Abe's assassination led to the republican and democratic parties, which have been maintained for 157 years. These two parties have also maintained the competing trades.

By maintaining competing trades for 157 years, the new sciences and the new universe that Ben brought from Europe have been thrown into the circle file. Further, forming a more perfect Union, as required by the Constitution, has also been thrown into the circle file. By throwing these things away, the republican and democratic parties have become logically opposites and can no longer define any unities. So, I suggest that many Americans should become independent voters until Ben's work in Europe is reenergized..

Ben's Union of the USA was working for about 70 years. However, at some time, trading Americans began to compete trade. Beginning in the 1980s, 1%, 9%, and 90% of these Americans received 1/3rd of the USA wealth. In the 22nd century, the 1%ers increased to 2%ers; the 9%ers decreased:  the 90%ers increased: and unemployment doubled. The distribution of this wealth has never became consistent with the new sciences and the new universe that Ben brought to the USA Thus, the people of the USA must return to Ben's work in order to form a more perfect Union. Competition is an ungodly human behavior.

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