Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Religions Divide People and Impede Efforts to Achieve World Peace

Religions are large organizations of people. Nine of them are classified as big religions, as I discussed on July 14, 2006. All big religions worship a monotheistic God. Yet, their scriptures make different statements about God and their members make different statements about God. Since religions do not meet regularly, they do not discuss their big differences. For this reason, religions are divided and divide people. These two divisions impede the development of world peace.

But, other reasons explain the division of religions. For instance, some religions claim that their scripture has been communicated to its people by God. This claim allows a religion to say that all statements in its scripture are true. But, modern scientists are casting doubts on this claim because human languages are discursive, symbolic, and imperfect. These three aspects of human languages explain why religions reinterpret their scriptures when man has found a new truth about God and contradicts scripture.

My 25 years of research on God and the universe proved the existence of God scientifically. This research produced the book, The First Scientific Proof of God.. But, this research also proved that new truths about God and the universes will appear forever because God and His creation has no end. Having no end, the Heaven and Hell spoken of by most scriptures are not places where people go after death. Research tell us that people never die. They merely ‘pass on.’ Accordingly, if religions are workers for God, it seems time for them to open talks, unify all religions, and develop world peace.


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