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Thursday, August 24, 2006

What Biologists Are Teaching Your School Children

Today, high school biologists teach high school students about the biological evolutionary theory. This theory was proposed by the agnostic, Charles Darwin (1809-1882). However, by teaching evolutionary theory, biologists also teach atheism because God is quietly eliminated in the teachings of evolutionary theory. In my new book, The First Scientific Proof of God, one learns that God exists. One also learns that human knowledge of God increases as man increases his knowledge of the universe. Although Darwin did believe in God, as an agnostic, he was unaware that God is knowable. However, Darwin did know that all species have non utilitarian functional relations. The non utilitarian functional relations indicate the existence, not the nonexistence, of God. Accordingly, the evolutionary theory of today seems to have been greatly overstated. But, to my knowledge, biologists are not teaching about the non utilitarian functional relations. Perhaps, they are trying to hide God.

Biologists have not been able to prove evolutionary theory or any of its sub-theories using the scientific method of proof. Furthermore, biologists and physicists have tried, but have never proved, that life in the universe comes from nonliving things rather than from God. Thus, it is time for high school teachers, parents of students, and governments throughout the USA to determine whether the teaching of evolutionary theory and atheism in high schools should be continued or removed. At the same time, the governments throughout the US should decide whether all major ‘theories of God’, but not religions, should be taught in high schools.


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