Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, August 27, 2006

World Peace Is More Possible Than Ever Before

Yesterday, I showed how human errors can be corrected. By correcting our errors, world peace becomes more possible than ever before. My correction and proof of the theory of God in The First Scientific Proof of God shows that monotheism was the correct theory of God. Thus, the nine religions in the world, which I discussed on August 14th , can now begin to correct the other facts about God and His creation. For instance, we can now correct the attributes we have given to God with the negative theology of Nicholas of Cusa. This correction is made by determining attributes of the universe and recognizing that all positive attributes of the universe are negative attributes of God. In my book, I show many of the corrections that the USA must make in its social systems so that other nations have a model to follow if they wish.

Generations will be needed to attain that which we might call a godly world peace. Generations will be needed because two distinct symbolic languages must be developed by and for all nations. One symbolic language is for all sciences. Since science is the same in every nation, one of these two languages is common to the sciences in all nations. The second symbolic language is a talking language. Although the English language is heavily flawed with Aristotle’s logic, the power of the English language is great and should become the talking language in every nation by the beginning of the third generation.

If you believe that such a world peace is not necessary, I believe that you should expect to be isolated from the social activities of those people who do believe that world peace is necessary now.


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