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Monday, August 28, 2006

Atheism Divides People and Impedes Efforts to Achieve World Peace

My thoughts expanded greatly after I learned that God could be proven scientifically. For instance, I came to the conclusion that man’s Past had created two paths of thought. One path is Hell, a level of consciousness that forms nonbelievers in God and evil thoughts such as crime, greed, racism, and hate. The other path is Heaven, a level of consciousness that forms believers and good thoughts such love, help to others, sharing, and good works. The path to Hell divides people and is the major force that impedes the development of world peace.

God is denied when a person lacks proven truths about God. Without such truths, God becomes a mysterious object. Some religions make God mysterious because they do not use the scientific method of thinking. God is also denied when a person accepts the mechanical view of the universe. This view is created by physical scientists and is supported by many biologists, many medical doctors, evolutionists, and those people who make robots and believe that man’s intelligence can be packaged into a machine. The mechanical view of the world also denies the natural rights that God gave humans. However, this denial means that a government can legislate arbitrary laws. All laws legislated by England government before 1776 were arbitrary and caused the US Revolutionary War. Thus, most people are unaware that the mechanical view of the universe and arbitrary laws are against God and the USA.

Many people become atheistic because they fear the political power of religions. I can understand this fear because religions do not practice the same God. Yet, world peace cannot be developed unless the consciousness of all people about God becomes very similar. Beyond showing people how to lift their consciousness, my book on The First Scientific Proof of God shows how world peace can be achieved. (See


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