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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Atoms Combine to Form All Things We Find in the Universe

For thousands of years, philosophers have sought the fundamental elements that form all things in the universe. Empedocles (484-.424 BC) was the first to identify these elements as earth, water, air, and fire. Eventually, these elements were called atoms and were defined as divisible things, which can not be divided. So, the atoms became known as indivisible things, which combine to form divisible things. Democritus (460-370 BC) was the leader the ancient Atomists. Using logic, the atom is ‘full’ and the vacuum is empty.’ Epicurus (340-270 BC) said that invisible atoms move freely in a vacuum and produce visible things when they combine. Almost two thousand years would pass before man would pursue the atom again.

A modern atom was offered by John Locke of England. His atoms are indivisible and physical. Thus, they have mass, density, hardness, and qualities that can be sensed. Another modern atom was offered by Gottfried Leibniz of Germany. He calls the atom a monad. His monads are indivisible and non physical and thus have no mass, density, or hardness and cannot be sensed.

The modern physical sciences have followed Locke. Their initial efforts have found the chemical atoms such as hydrogen and oxygen. Since chemical atoms are divisible and cannot be called atoms, today’s physical scientists are seeking indivisible atoms in 1-D strings, which have physical properties. Based on the theory of chaos/order, the strings become a reality when 3D space and time become a reality in the Big Bang theory. This world theory is purely physical, has no God, and must end. This work is supported by US government funds.

I prove the existence of God in my book --- The First Scientific Proof of God. In this book, I also apply the monads offered by Leibniz. I change his monads to spiritual atoms so that I can speak of God’s creation as a spiritual/physical world. My application of Leibniz’s monads produces a highly rational and eternal world, which is also consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ. But, godly theories, for instance, my theory, receives no funds from the US government.

The operation of the US government is indeed very strange.


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