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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Language of God

When former President, Bill Clinton, was seeking funds from Congress for the International Human Genome Project, he said, “We are learning the language in which God created life. ” Since the learned language of this Project created a symbolic language for the field of biology, was saying that this language in biology is part of that language of God that expressed His Intelligent Design of the universe. Let me explain how our languages and God's languages work together.

The learned language for biology is a ‘scientific language.’ However, our scientific languages are also ‘talking languages’ because information in a scientific language can be communicated to all humans. So, we must ask, ‘Is a scientific language we learn also a scientific language of God?’ If we say ‘yes,’ we must conclude that God is the greatest scientist. However, if the greatest scientist is also a monotheistic God, the greatest scientist is not able to communicate His scientific information as we communicate with each other because e God exists in a higher world than ours and does not talk discursively as we do. Thus, to communicate His information, God must be a ‘creator.’ The purpose of creating a world of life is thus very clear. By creating, God is sharing His knowledge and power with us.

When I learned how to prove scientifically that God exists, the symbols that I used to express this proof is a proven language of God. Learning and proving languages are the only ways that people can share information with God. Even the linguistic statements in any scripture must be learned and proven in order to communicate with God.. In my book on The First Scientific Proof of God, I also conclude that God does intervene into the progress of man’s development. This intervention teaches us. Further, in the Bible at Rom. 1:20, Paul is telling us that we learn God’s languages by investigating the things God created.

It is clear that all human beings must have some understanding of science. It seems as though every nation must increase the number of scientists continually because God's science can not be completed. So, theism and materialism are major enemies of mankind.


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