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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why We Must Make English the Only National Language of the USA

All nations must have a national language because people need a common language with which to communicate and build knowledge with sciences. When the USA began in 1776, it was natural for Americans to use the English language because most of the colonists came from England. Today, the USA has used the English language for 230 years. The English language in the USA is thus widely developed.

Ever since 1776, new immigrants recognized the importance to learn the English language. For this reason, my German parents never used the German language in front of me or my sister. Apparently, today’s immigrating parents want to change this well recognized procedure by imbedding the Spanish language into the English language. This change is being rejected by more and more US towns. And, I agree with these towns for scientific reasons.

Many new ideas, new sciences, and new technologies have already been imbedded in the English language by citizens of the USA. This newness has made the USA a leading world nation in philosophy, science, education, and economics. Since the Spanish-speaking nations have not progressed as English-language nations have, it is thus inappropriate to embed the Spanish language into the USA or in any other progressive nation. If a non-progressive language is imbedded in a progressive language, the non-progressive language can expect to develop a new lower class of people in that progressive nation.


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