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Monday, November 20, 2006

The New World That People Want Is on the Stage

Those people who are in power do not look into the future because they like the present world and do not want it to change. But, the truth is that most people ask, “What is wrong with the world today.” They seek answers to this question and today’s highly irrational world and seek a new world.

I expect a new world to emerge soon because a powerful cause that can bring it into existence is here. This powerful cause is currently being formed by three critical books that distinguish clearly the real differences between atheism and theism. The primary arguments of atheism are that God does not exist and God cannot be proven. The primary arguments of theism are that there is evidence that God exists and God has been proven. Since atheism and theism are opposing ideas, they cannot coexist long.

On one side, the book, "The God Delusion," is written by Richard Dawkins of England. It distinguishes clearly the position of atheism. See my review of this book. Click. On the other side, the book, "The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence For Belief," is written by the American, Francis Collins. It presents evidence of a supernatural God. Also, see my review of this book. CLick. Also, on the other side, the book, "The First Scientific Proof of God," is written by me and presents a scientific proof of God, the highest level of proof that man can present.Click.

The leaders of towns, small cities, big cities; high schools, colleges, universities; and State, local, and federal governmental agencies must initiate and begin the discussion of these two opposing camps of though. These discussions cannot be set aside by the fence-sitters because atheism and theism cannot both be true. Nor can they coexist among humans in any nation.


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