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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why US Governments Are Not Solving the Nation’s Crime Problem

In yesterday’s blog, I show that all crime comes from flaws in the human mind. I showed that Jesus Christ also taught this fact. With today’s knowledge, I also showed that these flaws come from the flawed symbols we create and use to talk and build knowledge.

US governments are not solving the crime problem because they do not know about the cause of crime above. Without this knowledge, our governments tell us that crime cannot be solved. To appease ‘the people,’ our governments tell us that acceptable levels of crime exist and that we must learn how to live with these levels. To develop these acceptable levels, the Republicans say that more criminals must be caught and put into jail, after which the key must be thrown away. The Democrats say that some criminals can be corrected and that methods of correction must be developed.

Governments can learn about the real cause of crime, but only if they believe in God. With the belief in God, one learns that the human mind is a spirit, not the brain. One also learns that our minds can perceive and conceive and that these perceptions and conceptions can form symbols into perfect ‘talk languages’ and ‘knowledge languages.’ These perfected languages will prevent crime. However, if a government is not allowed to act under God, its people must learn how to live with crime. So, the people of a nation can decide how to live, either under crime and without God or without crime and with God.

Today’s rising crime rates and their diversity is a subject that politicians do not want to discuss because they have no solution to crime. And, since many politicians are not believers in God and atheism is growing, only a major effort of ‘the believing people’’can save the USA from the forthcoming high levels of evilness.


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