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Monday, November 27, 2006

Miracles, Continued

In my blog yesterday on miracles, I argued that God is responsible for producing two kinds of miracles. One miracle is the creation of all living and nonliving things that we find in the universe. The second miracle is the new life God gives to us after we die. A third miracle and a fourth miracle can also be identified. The third miracle brings God into the universe as His Son. And the fourth miracle gives the Son a new life after the Son dies.

When God brings His Son into the universe, the Son appears to us as both creator and creature. And, when the Son dies, the Son disappears and reappears as a new creature in the universe on planet earth or on some other planet. As creator and creature, the Son always appears and reappears to humans as a special teacher. As a special teacher, the Son teaches only new and turbulent ideas. I argue that such ideas are divine and were the kind of ideas that Jesus presented. Such divine ideas cause us to improve our senses, feelings, and reasoning. These improvements will cause our lives to change by creating different futures for us. These different futures are necessary because our souls are permanent and function only with changes.

People who dislike change and progress, who promote religious fundamentalism, promote simple living, or who become atheists do not demand or accept the continuous teachings of the Son. These people do not see our future as God’s Kingdom or Heaven. Since the lives of these backward people will continue after their death, the lives of such people will degenerate continually. They will also live in different places of the universe where Hell is maintained by them.

To me, other forms of miracles are imaginary and are not produced by God because a monotheistic God is one, infinite, and active and does not interfer with our freedom. I thus reject the idea of a personal God. I accept a God who micro-manages the idea of the Son, who macro-manages our life, who appears in our world as a divine teacher, and who macro-managing our lives through goals.

This teaching of miracles is different from earlier teachings because people have much more knowledge of God today compared to the knowledge people had during the Middle Ages, during the time of Jesus, and during the time of Moses. This increased knowledge is the result only of the divine work of the Son.


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