Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Although God is unlimited and can create any universe of His choice, when a monotheistic God creates miraculously a universe, He limits His activities in that universe. Thus, on‘’The Language of God’ I discussed in the last blog, I showed that God’s language activities in our universe are limited. One limit is the limit that God must accept when He cannot talk to us as we talk to each other unless He appears in our world. This limit appears because a monotheistic God is one and infinite and must create a multiplicity of related finite things to form any universe.

Thus, in our universe, one should never expect to find laws of Nature that change. For example, the law of gravity should never change. Nor should one ever expect God to change the moral laws in which, for instance, all men are created equal. Nor will God end our universe or create a new universe because God is the same God for all people, past and future. Miracles of God are thus limited. What miracles do God produce?

After considerable thought, I conclude that a monotheistic God is not a personal God. However, I did conclude that God performs miracles, but not during a person’s life. Otherwise, God would be changing our laws of freedom and other laws that govern the nature of all humans. So, I conclude that God conducts only two kinds of miracles: (1) when a person is created and (2) when a person dies. Such miracles become possible only if the universe is formed by immortal spiritual atoms. Only if spiritual atoms are used to form a universe, can God can give humans their initial lives and all other lives after death. I thus believe that the spiritual atoms that I use in my book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God’ are the only means through which God ca produce miraculous work.

The pic indicates that we do not understand the reality of human death.


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