Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Sciences of the Future

In yesterday’s blog, one learns that the subjects of God and science are both in the purview of the philosophy known as ‘symbolism.’ This is why I was able to prove scientifically that God exists. This proof means that all current sciences must now be questioned.

Since God and the universe are eternal and the universe and life have no end, two forms of sciences will be found. One science is predictable or exact whereas the other is probabilistic or inexact. For instance, one should not find an exact science of human death. This is true because people do not want to know exactly when they will die. For this reason, people will concentrate most of their thoughts on present activities while simultaneously giving some thoughts to future activities. So, we should expect the physical sciences and the life sciences to find exact and unchanging laws and inexact and changing laws.

Up to this point in time, most all sciences have been either developed or guided by the physical sciences. This was a major error at our colleges, universities, and federal government. This error must now be forgiven so that the above two forms of science can develop properly and without shame. No man is perfect and errorless. These two sciences must be guided by Laws of Nature and Laws of Nature’s God. These two brilliant laws are found in the Declaration of Independence. The Laws of Nature are better known as natural philosophy whereas the Laws of Nature’s God are better known as moral philosophy.

Since the scientific proof of God is a major finding, I expect the development of a worldwide renaissance and major cultural changes. As time passes, I will discuss a few of these sciences so that scientists become more familiar with how a science will develop under an active monotheistic God.


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