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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation VIII)

In yesterday’s blog, one learns that the meaning of ‘what is permanent’ and ‘what is changing’ in the USA have changed drastically over the last 60 years. Do the new meanings of permanence and change represent a better life? My answer is no because these meanings are turning the USA away from God and away from those human activities that represent the better life for all US citizens. Essentially, I argue that increasing the number of millionaires, filling our prisons, or burying more cancer patients do not give us a better understanding of God and do not give a better life to all US citizens.

Apparently, the number of millionaires in the USA became a possible measure of the goodness of the US economy after a portion of the US manufacturing sector transferred its production facilities to take advantage of low-cost labor in other nations. With this private action, the US service sector had to be increased by government to make new jobs for the unemployed non millionaires. A new form of economy was thus created by private interests. And, US economists had to create new symbols for the new economy. Unfortunately, this new economy confused US families, who no longer know how to guide the development of their children.

This economic change was made by private interests without knowing what the future will bring to the US citizens. This change was thus illegal because the USA is a Union, a nation of One People, as stated in the Declaration of Independence. This change was also an error because private interests cannot govern the future of the USA. This error is made when one changes the meaning of the symbol, free, so that it is no longer relative and becomes an absolute (a thing in itself). Thus, no human is absolutely free. Thus, one has free speech. But, one cannot say "Fire" in a theater in which no fire exists. In any nation, no human being is absolutely free. So, the misuse of symbols by the field of economics has caused serious social problems in the USA.

The destruction of the cooperation of ‘the people’ by removing the Union and the confusion of their communication, as noticed, for instance, by excess TV watching, will lead to the civil war that I predicted before. All citizens must recognize that the USA is not a democracy, as James Madison tells us in Federalist No. 14. Thus, the US government was founded as a ‘republican form of government,’ which has representatives of ‘the people.’ To prevent this civil war, the US government must change so that it returns to the Union that the founders created.


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