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Friday, February 23, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General

In the local newspaper today, I read a report on the effectiveness of the federal law known as ‘No Child Left Behind.’ This is a national test and says that our teens lag in math and reading — 40%f seniors scored below basic math and, 25% score below basic reading. This is clear evidence that the parents of these children are not creating and using symbols now and will not create and use them in the near future unless action is taken in all fields of thought to develop the philosophy of symbolism and new school textbooks. Since poor tests in reading and math weakens science, where are the leaders of the USA taking us? If nothing is done with this US education problem, must the USA ask its citizens to survive with nuclear weapons, ignorance, and rich families whose children have no respect for God, the universe, and life.

The USA and all other nations must be turned 180 degrees and away from the past. For instance, they must turn away from all wars and away from all free market economies. This does not mean that isolation is the goal. This turn merely means that all nations must take a rest, as Moses said about God, so that the true monotheistic God can be recognized and implemented throughout the world. This implementation will allow all men to have the life that man received from a monotheistic God. Never-ending world problems can be expected if this rest and turn are rejected.

To give ‘rest’ its reality, I wrote Part I when I wrote my book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ There, I provide considerable information of the philosophy of symbolism. And, when I wrote this book, I also included ways, in Part IV, for nations to turn away from their past.


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