Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The First Scientific Proof of God Presented in My Book is Supported by General and Particular Phenomena

The atheists say continually that God does not exist because there are no phenomena of God. Phenomena are data that must be derived from our five senses. In my Proof of God, for instance, I ask people to look into the night unclouded sky. In this sky, they will see phenomena. They are general phenomena defined as "many-different-related" things and belong to the universe. The origin of these three symbols could come only from the opposing symbols "One-Equality-Union." These three opposing symbols belong to the Christian Trinity, which is our way to express a monotheistic God with symbols. Thus, a monotheistic God has general phenomena, which in the universe is many different and related things.

The particular phenomena of God are observed when one senses the teaching of Jesus Christ and can prove that these teachings are divine. During the life of Christ, people could sense these phenomena by listening to Christ’s sermons or by talking with Christ. But today, people can sense these phenomena only through studies of the New Testament of the Bible. No other religion can offer this kind of evidence about God. My method of proving that the teachings of Jesus Christ are divine are found in Part IIb of my book. But, I do not understand why Christians have not offered this proof of God long ago.

As seen, the scientific proof of God presented by me in my book is supported by both general phenomena and particular phenomena. It seems very clear now why many scientists and atheists of today have been rejecting God. Without the development of symbolism, all sciences can expect to fail consistently at the theoretical level.


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