Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, February 26, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation III)

When closing yesterday’s blog, I said that scientists and mathematicians have two choices with respect to life. They can either accept or reject God. When rejecting God, I said that an atheist must live with arbitrarily-determined morals, rather than with godly morals. However, this is a questionable choice to US citizens because the US Revolutionary War was fought because the US colonists/ revolutionists did not want to live under the arbitrary moral laws of England’s parliament. So, to choose life as the atheists, the US atheists are returning to the life that was rejected by the founders of the USA.

However, if the US returns to arbitrarily-determines morals, this return will essentially stop the development of the philosophy of symbolism. This return will also affect the development of new symbols because new symbols will be given arbitrary meanings. Thus, the USA cannot allow atheism to guide its future. This is why any efforts to prevent the USA from becoming a theocracy are ignorant and are counter to the purpose of the US Revolutionary War and Civil War.

The belief that a person has only one life is false. This Western word belief is based on scriptural interpretations of the New Testament, Chapter 24 of Matthew. The darkening of the sun means that life on planet earth will come to an end. Today, modern scientists know that the darkening of the sun will not occur for a few billions of years. The interpretations of Chapter 24 by the ancients and moderns, who carried this interpretation forward by unchanging scriptures, have misled the development of life in the Western world. These misinterpretations have essentially confused human life and the awful languages that nations have developed.

The only proper symbols that have been developed thus far are the symbols used by the physical sciences. However, the physical sciences are stalled today because they refuse to accept God. With their rejection, they cannot develop the symbols that would reveal knowledge of the infinitely small and infinitely large regions of the universe. Because of the early success of the physical sciences with symbols, they lured the life scientists to symbols of physical things. Since life requires a spiritual thing as well as a physical thing, life scientists must begin to develop their own symbols. I believe that medical care will improve drastically after the program of research for medical care begins to search for these new symbols.


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