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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation II)

To develop symbols and the philosophy of symbolism, I must discuss the eternity of a monotheistic God, the eternity of the Universe He creates, and the eternity of the Son of God, who is our eternal teacher. These three eternities imply that there was no beginning and will thus be no end to God’s work, the works of the Son of God and the works of our lives. Energetically, this means that the universe built by God is called an ‘open’ system.

This open system is opposed by the school of physics and one of their big leader, Albert Einstein, who proposed the Einsteinian universe. Contrary to the above three eternities, the Einsteinian universe has a beginning and end. And, in the middle, of the beginning and end, one finds linear processes of expansion followed by the process of contraction. In the middle of the beginning and end, one finds universal or unchanging laws of nature. Energetically, this universe is called a ‘closed’ system.

Albert Einstein can be honored for his famous law, E = MC2 His special relativity theory is also honored, by those people who follow closely the relativity theory of the German mathematician, Bernhard Riemann. However, Einstein’s general relative theory, which creates the Einsteinian universe, has achieved honors from two groups: (1) from non believers in God, especially those people who are supporting the Big Bang theory and (2) from believers in God, especially those who expect only one life but believe that God gives ‘good’ people a second life in a place called Heaven.

If one believes in the three eternities, one does not believe in death. Instead, one believes in reincarnation. If one believes in the three eternities, one also learns that the laws of nature are nonlinear and are changing. One also learns that the material structure of the world-manifold is empirically determined as Paul says in Rom. 1: 20. Thus, all symbols begin with sensual data. This is when the symbol’s’ meaning is determined and becomes related to other symbols. This scientific work of humans never ends. People who do not appreciate science do not understand God.

If the three eternities are true, the universe is a continuous and never-ending process and has no beginning and end. This continuous process can be evidenced by noticing that a magnet can induce electricity into an independent live wire with magnet lines of force. These lines of force of a magnet can thus be felt at a distance. Lines of force of different kinds can fill a universe with all kinds of activities. Why would one want to leave a life of different activities created by God?

If you can make a contact with the group of Lyndon LaRouche, Jr., (click) you can request a 103-page report by Uwe Parpart. This report is titled as the First English Translation. of "Georg Cantor’s 1883 Grundlagen" with ‘The Concept of the Transfinite.’’ (click) By reading this report, you will add an important history of science and mathemnatics to your intellectual life.

This blog shows the only two choices that a scientist or mathematician have in life. They can either accept or reject God. If they accept God, they can expect an eternal life and expect to live a godly moral life. If they reject God, they can expect one life and expect to live an arbitrarily determined moral life. The argument of the atheists is that they can live an arbitrary moral life without God. This argument cannot be held as today's arbitrarily-determined world events prove.


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