Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation I)

My scientific proof of God is as true as the proof of gravity. And, just as the proof of gravity revealed a law of gravity, the scientific proof of God also reveals laws of God.
The law of gravity became known as Newton’s Laws of Gravitation. It says that two bodies exhibit a force of attraction and that the magnitude of this attraction depends on their mass and the distance between them. So, our planet attracts us when we are standing, are sitting, or are jumping up. And, this attraction can tell us our weight when we stand on a scale.

Science also learned that the law of gravity is ‘particular’ only to large bodies and do not apply to small bodies. The electricity of a body become significant when the body is small and the mass becomes insignificant. Bodies can thus be neutral electrically or be a body charged negatively or positively. The law for electrically charged bodies became known as the Coulomb’s Law of Electrostatic Action. These two laws appear to be structurally similar at first. But, they are as different as night and day. One difference is found in the meanings of the symbols used to define the bodies. And, a second difference is found in the meanings of the symbolic constants used in these two laws.

Of interest to my scientific proof of God is that it reveals two laws. One is a ‘general’ law whereas the other law is a ‘particular’ law. The general law is the ‘law of creation’ and states that God is the origin of all things found in the universe. The law of creation is scientific and is in the purview of the philosophy of symbolism. The particular law is the ‘law of teaching’ and states that the Son of God is the origin of all new teachings found in the universe. These new teachings are thus the origin of all new human knowledge that can be developed in the life of humans. The law of teaching of the Son of God is metaphorical but remains in the purview of the philosophy of symbolism.

Thus, I encourage scientists and mathematicians to read and think about this words found in this blog. I also encourage them to contact the leaders of the US National Science Foundation and the US National Academy of Science to inform them of the new significance of symbols, the philosophy of symbolism, and my scientific proof of God. I am encouraging them because no government or agency of government can function properly if God does exist.


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