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Monday, February 26, 2007

A Book Review of " Breaking The Spell" by Daniel C. Dennett

The most popular Internet book store is It is doing a great job for Americans and people throughout the world. One job it does well is the ‘book review’ for authors and readers of the books it sells. This review helps people throughout the world. To date, I have presented a book review for over 50 books. My book reviews are concentrated on my research subjects , that is, God, the universe, and life. For my past reviews, click.

Some book reviews are offered but not posted, I believe because the reviewer’s language is too dirty. But, I now believe that atheistic publishers also block some book reviews. I have three reviews that have been blocked. I believe that book reviews, if they are not dirty, should not be blocked in any way because book reviews express free ideas. So, I will post any of my new book reviews if they are not posted on Below, is my latest book review on the subject of 'breaking spells. 'I do not believe that people should break the spells of Christianity.

" Breaking the Spell" by Daniel C. Bennett
To the majority of the people in the world, nothing matters more to them than religion. This is the argument the author tries to prove in his book. As a godless philosopher and naturalist, his proof is based on Darwin’s evolutionary theory. To him, religion is based only on natural phenomena. To identify the best religion for man’s survival, he develops ways to ‘break the spell’ from those religions that are unnatural. Breaking these spells with scientific investigations is an excellent endeavor because more and more errors are found in today’s religious teachings. So, this kind of book is timely.

However, God does exist. In my recent book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I prove the existence of God. In this proof, God is the origin of all finite things found in the universe. I also prove the existence of an Agent of God, who is known in Christianity as Christ. But, this godly dualism is also found in Hinduism. Since I show that the teachings of Christ are of divine origin, rather than of human origin, natural phenomena now exist to support any sound scientific proof of God.

A scientific proof of God was not possible earlier because God was thought to be outside of the purview of science. Instead, scientists thought that God is in the purview of either mysticism, poetry, tautology, metaphor, or symbolism. With well_defined symbols, we learn that both God and science are in the purview of the same philosophy, symbolism. Thus, a single symbolic language is sufficient to unify the subjects of God, the universe, and life. Since some subjects in my book are difficult, I am teaching such subjects on the Internet at


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