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Monday, March 05, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation IX)

In yesterday’s blog, the US government must have legalized the movement of US manufacturing into nations that have low-cost labor. This legalization reduced the US manufacturing sector and increased the US service sector. Adam Smith, who was England’s famous economist, would not agree with this legalization because this change would build a nation of shopkeepers. This legalization means that young people should consider becoming a computer geek, a Wal Mart owner, a hamburger flipper, an entertainer, real estate broker, advertiser, etc. because the good jobs in manufacturing will not be found in the USA.

The US economy became what it is today because the people are taught wrongly that the USA is a ‘free country.’ These two symbols also led to the three-symbol idea of a ‘free market economy.’ The teaching was wrong because it is based on the initial nature of man, who was free before nations came into existence. However, when nations came into existence, man’s freedom became limited. This limit is determined by how much freedom ‘the people’ will give its government. In the USA, ‘the people’ gave the US government what is said in the Declaration of Independence; what is said in the US Constitution; and what is said in all laws made by Congress. So, when Congress legalized the reduction of US manufacturing, it reduced our freedom to find manufacturing jobs and increased our slavery to service sector jobs. This legalization also increased the income for the manufacturing owners. So, a few people (the owners) became the ‘winners’ whereas many people (the workers) became the ‘losers.’

As seen, logical reasoning was behind this congressional legalization. This legislation thus added contradictions into the minds of all US citizens. A civil war will emerge eventually in any nation if its legislation is based primarily on logical reasoning. Changes in a nation must remove, rather than add, contradictions among ‘the people. What new laws must seek among ‘the people’ is cooperation or win/win logic.


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