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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Terrorism and Symbolic Languages

Tonight, the first segment of 60 Minutes discussed how terrorists find and create suicide bombers using Internet websites. Young people throughout the world are being convinced with symbol systems that they can go to Heaven immediately if they kill evil people. Military experts of this new Internet terrorist procedure believe that military forces cannot be effective at all against this form of terrorism.

In my book, I argue that a monotheistic God does not reward or punish people. I show that ancient scriptures on the subject of Heaven are false and are being interpreted wrongly by people who live today. Heaven is found only in the mind of man. Man forms Heaven by creating and using highly perfected symbolic languages. Thus, Hell will be found only in the minds of people who create and use poor symbolic languages. When killing people, suicide bombers will merely cause their early deaths.

The pic is made by a heavenly artist, who uses symbolic action to present his of her thoughts about what God made for living things. God expects man to maintain this land. But God also expects man to build Heaven there by adding homes, schools, factories, etc to that land by increasing man'ss consciousnessofly with symbolic languages. Heaven is on on earth and is a joint effort of God and man. The only life after death for man is through reincarnation.


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