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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation X)

In yesterday’s blog, one learns that the US government has been legalizing some forms of economic activities. This legalizing activity of the US government has negative consequences because such legalizing activities will change the economic system and its symbolic language. This change forces ‘the people’ to reorganize their lives. They must also learn new symbolic languages. So, the legalizing activity of moving manufactures to another nation creates economic benefits only for owners of the economic activities.

Legalizing activities of government has been occurring ever since the assassination of Abe Lincoln. After Lincoln’s death, the USA was changed by the legalizing governmental activity, which changed the USA from a Union to a laissez-faire nation. This legalizing activity quickly caused the appearance of the ‘big families’ (the Morgans, the Astors, etc.). Eventually, a three-class system appeared. These classes are upper, middle, and lower. Today, these classes are known as the top 1% class, the middle 9% class, and the lower 90% class. However, some people believe that the middle class is disappearing. For instances, the income of a CEO was 4 times the income of a worker for many years. Today, it is 400 times. If the middle disappears, the USA will become a nation of rich and poor people. Such a nation would not be the nation founded in 1776.

Before the USA becomes a two-class nation, it is time to turn the USA backwardly to the time of Lincoln, that is, when the USA was a Union and cooperation was being sought among all citizens. At that time, the South was preparing to leave the Union. Thus, a civil war was needed to save the Union. War is not a nice way to hold the Union together, but I do not believe that a war is needed today. War can be prevented only if people recognize the importance of learning the nature of symbolic languages. With this learning, citizens will become godly humans. Without this learning, people will turn toward animal-like activities, crime, and war.


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