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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation XI)

This blog will close a series of blogs in which I discuss general thoughts on the development of symbols. Since these discussions had to be applied to a particular use of the symbols, the particular fields of law, politics, and economics were used. I will thus close this series with a suggested course of action that would correct the current symbolic languages used by these fields. To make this correction, I realign the USA and its economy to the founding principles of the USA.

The first step of this correction would bring the Declaration of Independence into the US body of laws. This is accomplished by recognizing that the founders were guided by the social contract theory of England’s John Locke. So, contract laws apply. So, Locke’s social contract has two parties. One is ‘the society’ and the other is ‘the government.’ The founders distinguished these parties respectively with the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Thus, the field of law made a major error by considering ‘constitutional law’ but not ‘contract law.’ I bring this error to the attention of the field of law in my Amazon. com review of the popular book, The Declaration of Independence’ by Carl L. Becker. (Click and scroll down) No one agreed with my review. Yet, this error is a major error in the field of law because it denies, for instance, government’s developmental effort on a theology or the ‘theory of God’ and limits government to finding ‘Laws of Nature,’ when the Declaration of Independence identifies ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ Government’s activities on the theory of God and on these two laws are possible without establishing any religion. This error also forces government to legislate ‘arbitrary’ laws and denies government from legislating ‘natural’ laws.

The second step would remove all atheistic principles from the US economy while simultaneously adding godly principles to it. These removals and additions would be only those principles that are consistent with proven scientific/theological statements. Since a godly nation works into the future for its children, the US economy must become futuristic by creating national goals. A laissez-faire economy is too personal and shows no interest in the cooperation of 'the people.'


  • At 2:39 PM, Blogger Rev. BigDumbChimp said…

    George I see your book continues to stay relegated to the inconsequential. If your grand revelation was what you say it is don't you think that it would be outselling "The Secret" and the other "Law of Attraction" crap? I mean they both are pretty much filled with woo and fantastical handwavings ignoring reason and substituting faith for evidence yet that piece of trash is outselling your piece of trash by leaps and bounds.

  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response to bigdumbchimp.

    There is a pattern of purchasers that have developed in the sales techniques. The pattern is the used book stores where the buyers and readers are very intelligent.

    So if you are looking at book sale ranks in the Internet book stores, you are getting knowledge mostly about the quality of the advertisers not the quality of the writers. As a self publishers, I have no advertisers. So, I am going on the writer's skills alone.

    I have lots of patience because my work is for God.

    Anyway, The Secret is junk. But, has Oprah lowered the quality of the book she sells. The sales of The Secret tell me the USA is falling faster than some people think. A civil war become closer and closer.

    Read my blogs on symbolic languages and you will see the level of my quality.


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