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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Intelligent Design

The words ‘intelligent’ and ‘design’ have no clear meaning today. Design is receiving a meaning by the evolutionists, who say that ‘design’ is an illusion and is thus not a reality. Richard Dawkins, a popular evolutionist in England says that design should be changed to ‘natural selection’ or ‘blind watchmaker.’ With this change, Dawkins says that if a person came out of a jungle for the first time and was holding a watch in the hand, one must conclude that the watch was made by a blind watchmaker and was not made by an intelligent human. But, Dawkins agrees that a well-designed thing can exist if a knowledgeable human made it. So, he defines ‘intelligent’ as a knowledgeable human. Since he does not believe that God exists, Dawkins does not accept the knowing level of wisdom, which can produce a complex and beautiful thing, such as the universe, out of nothing.

Darwin knows that we cannot prove that God does not exist. So, he must wait for someone to prove God’s existence because he is not seeking that proof. He continues to say that he will read the first proof. Well, I show the existence of God in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. It’ was published in the USA in June 2006 and has been for sale in, etc. and other regular book stores. He might have already read it but is restricted by his publisher to present a review. This could be the situation for many other scientists and their publishers. Who knows other than the writers and their publisher?

In my book, intelligent design is a reality, in our world and in God. The reason the evolutionists do not recognize intelligent designs is because their minds are stuck in logic reasoning and philosophy of Aristotle. They use either/or words but do not use both/and words. By not using both/and words, their minds cannot rise above Aristotle where Plato’s mind is found. When evolutionists limit their thoughts to logical reasoning, they must become atheists who must live in a world of arbitrary truths. In such a world, civil wars are always just around the corner. The pic is a suggestion that leading evolutionists take an advanced course in etymology.


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