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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Symbolic Languages and the Human Mind

I have been writing a 5000-word paper on 'Symbolic Languages and the Human Mind' for publishing in a magazine. I also present it to the Torch Club in May. The paper's Introduction is below

In March, The Journal in Martinsburg, WV reported on the effectiveness of the federal law, No Child Left Behind. The report was about a national test and said that our teenagers lag in math and reading. In particular, 40% of the seniors scored below basic math and, 25% of them scored below basic reading. This report provides evidence that many children are not developing properly by themselves, their parents, and their school teachers. I argue that this school problem has a deeper cause. This deeper cause is the flaw we find in many symbolic languages that people create and use today. These flaws emerge when symbols are given incorrect or wrong meanings. Giving a symbol its meanings comes under the field of thought known as etymology.

I was developing this argument before I found the first scientific proof of God in 2006. This proof rejects the belief of atheists that the human mind is a metaphysical shadow of the brain. Such a shadow would be like the shadow cast by one’s body on the sidewalk when one walks in the sun. The proof of God tells us that the mind is a spiritual atom and that the new theology of panentheism is correct. As a spiritual atom within our bodies, the mind can become conscious. It does this by creating and using symbols and statements. The human mind is thus dominated by signs, symbols, and feelings. Soon, I expect psychologists to use symbols to reduce unwanted feelings such as depression. So, the future life of a symbolist looks interesting.

Since poor test reports in reading and math will weaken the field of science in any nation, our national leaders must act to enlighten our students and develop many symbolists. We cannot maintain the USA only with nuclear bombs and TV entertainment. They will lead us only to ignorance. Accordingly, all people must turn away from their past linguistic developments. Instead, nations must ‘rest,’ as the Jews said that God did on the 7th day. But, the Jewish rest does not mean that God went to sleep. The Jewish rest means that God started a new project. Nations must also start a new project by recognizing that all truths come from symbols. In my proof of God, I conclude that the world consists of God, a created physical infrastructure that supports life, and a life given to living things. I also conclude that these three components can be known only with the development of a single and unlimited symbolic language which cannot be completed. These three components form an ‘open system’ that has no end.

In 1993, my left carotid artery became blocked. It damaged the language function of my brain in a day. I tried to write a two-sentence letter. In hours, my clothes were filled with sweat. I could not write. Since our senses might form a unity, I began to play a computerized version of solitaire with the theory that I could unify my senses with my mind using a winning goal. Slowly, I noticed that my average sentence length was decreasing. Eventually, my average sentence length was approaching the average of most excellent writers. After two years, I recovered my language function. My doctor said that I was lucky. Intelligence, not luck, produced this recovery.


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