Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A George Shollenberger Report to All Christians

The book by Sam Harris, The End of Faith, the book by Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, and the Big Bang theory are forming a kind of terrorism against Christianity and other religions. These two books and theory promote godless ideas. Harris would build a major political party for the atheists. Dawkins would build a new educational power to teach every US child the godless and false evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin. This teaching would convert many children to atheists. And, the Big Bang theory, an atheistic theory, would make human life a purposeless machine. Without purposes, a huge drug and sex culture will develop as never seen before. This is the future of our children unless a new political power is built to limit the power of this ‘godless political movement.’ I believe that three actions are needed to build this new political power.

First, the Supreme Court must bring the Declaration of Independence into the body of the US laws. It was in this body on July 4, 1776 but was removed by lawyers who did not understand Locke’s social contract. Don’t all contracts have at least two parties? Certainly. The founders identified one party as the people and the second party as government. (Note. Locke’s term society is thus changed to the people.) To define the people, the founders prepared the Declaration of Independence first. Then, to define government, they prepared the Constitution.

So, the Supreme Court must act immediately to correct this awful error. With this correction, ‘the people’ becomes something permanent whereas ‘government’ is allowed to change (be amended). In this social contract, sovereignty lies in ‘the people.’ As seen, a social contract has two opposing and coexisting social units, society and government. Both units struggle with each other to maintain their existence. Clearly, this social contract forms a true free nation. Unfortunately, the USA has never been a really free nation.

Second, religions must unify themselves so that they all teach the same truths about a monotheistic God. Today, religions are selling their own ideas instead of teaching truths. A monotheistic God is certainly great. But, God’s rationality is also perfect. Thus, selling irrational ideas do not teach any truths about God. For instance, selling the idea that our world will end soon has no rational or scriptural base. In my book on The First Scientific Proof of God, I prove that God and the Universe were always together. Thus, without a beginning, God and the Universe can have no ending. So, our ability to reason tells us that the interpretations of the concepts Alpha and Omega (in Ch. 1, verse 8) in The Revelation of St. John the Divine in the Bible has been wrong for a long time and that the divinity of St. John might be false. My book also proves that life exists after death. But, how God gives us afterlife is unknown. No scripture or science can explain the afterlife process.

Third, my book above describes the major history of man’s effort to know a monotheistic God. This subject of man has indeed been very difficult. The subject of a monotheistic God has also made it difficult for man to know the universe in which we live and in which God appears as creator and creature (human). But, these difficulties cannot be hidden by those people who only comfort the body of other people every Sunday. A monotheistic God is pure and is pure reasoning. So, we must continuously comfort the mind by purifying our reasoning ability.


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