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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Cause-Effect Principle

This principle is not well understood today, especially by those scientists who do not understand and believe in God. The cause-effect principle applies only to nonliving things that exist in a finite world. This principle does not apply to God. Nor does it apply to living things that exist in a finite world. When used to develop knowledge of nonliving things in a finite world, the cause-effect principle can predict physical events in the future.

In the kingdom of the lower animals, the cause-effect principle can help to make close predictions of the future events of the lower animals. But, this principle can mislead man, as today’s problem of using bees proves. When used to predict future human events, the principle of cause-effect is a total failure. This is why government would fail its people if it operates a government-controlled medical system.

Atheists promote Darwin’s evolutionary theory as an alternative to accepting God. Thus, they use the cause-effect principle to link past human events to present human events and future human events. Many liberals tend to agree with evolutionary theory and say that cultural changes are explained by the cause-effect principle.

However, if a person accepts God, this person lives only in the future as a goal seeker. In Ch. 4, Part IV of my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God (click)," I say that nations must become goal-seeking nations so that past evils in a nation do not become the cause the future life of its people. When human life in a nation is not determined by goals, that nation will develop property-owning slave masters.


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